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The first Roma Caravan was built in 1928 and we have been building them in Australia ever since with our talented team of craftsman. We have many combined years of professional caravan building experience from the directors, the staff and the next generation of family members that are working within Roma Caravans.

Throughout the years the business has evolved, undergoing an ownership change in the mid 1950’s to the late Vittorio Palmarini. Introducing his son, Tony, to the business in the early 60’s, he then learnt the ways of Manufacturing before opening a sales yard.

Tony returned to the factory to assist his father. Like father like son, Tony too introduced his sons to the business. The business ownership has continued with Tony, introducing Brendan as a director in 2018. Brendan has followed in his father’s footsteps, having worked in the factory for several years, before Brendan developed a very successful sales yard, then returning to the factory. Roma Caravans has been in the family since the early 1950’s, where they have long been creating and building customised/personalised Roma Caravans, allowing a continual focus to lead the development of caravan innovation.

20 years ago, Caravans were simplistic compared to the caravans of today. Todays caravans have many more components and advancing technology than previous years. Roma Caravans is constantly evolving to meet market demands. Customers are now much more informed and are included in the build process more than ever before. The amount of customization is at a higher level than ever experienced, we continue to develop our product offerings to keep up with the needs of today’s ever changing customer requirements through our personalised/custom built van program.
Roma Caravans is the oldest established caravan manufacturer in the World.
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